About the Soul Vegan Summit


The Soul Vegan Summit began as a 22-day virtual food event.

Now it has blossomed into a global health community.

And do we LOVE preparing healthy delicious FOOD!

The Soul Vegan Summit is a community of chefs and health experts living in the largest vegan community on planet earth: The Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel.

Consuming a plant-based diet for more than 45 years, the Village of Peace has innovated the global vegan food industry.

SaagPaneer4Hosted by Sister Zakhah, raw food vegan chef and best-selling author of  The Joy of Living Live: A Raw Food Journey, the Soul Vegan Summit shows you step by step how to prepare your favorite vegan recipes.

All of our recipes use common foods, familiar ingredients and simple techniques. They are some of the best kept secrets in the vegan world. Now we share them with you.



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