First of all, giving all honor and praises to Yahwah (The God of Creation – as in Hallelu-Yah!).

To the Honorable Ben Ammi HaMasheak, –  the Spiritual Leader of the Hebrew Israelites in Dimona, Israel, who not only set forth the vision of this healthy diet, but who also graciously loaned me his video camera so I could film the initial episodes of the Soul Vegan Summit. (Now, who has a spiritual leader as wonderful as that?!)

A special note of thanks and honor to our predecessors, especially Rofah Karaliah (author of The Sacred Diet) whose tireless efforts made the Soul Vegan Summit possible.

Thank you to our talented team of divine chefs who assisted with the Soul Vegan Summit:

Sister Ahmalyah E. S. Elyahshuv

Crowned Sister Dodavah E. S. Adeev

Sister Baht Ammi E. Rahbee

Sister Baht Ammi B. Rahbee

Sister Baht Tsion E. Ahmeshadye

Sister Cocavah E. Shmooel

Sister Devorah E. Shmael

Dr. Rafiyah B. Israel

Sister Hosheannah E. Yair

Sister Margeeah B. Israel

Sister Naomi E. R. Yehoshua

Sister Paaziyah B. Israel

Sister Pehrakeyah E. Ben Tsion

Sister Shaleeshah E. S. Levi

Sister Sharonah E. A. Malakiel

Sister Vashti E. A. Ben Koliah

Brother Yididiel B. Israel

Sister Yikerah B. Israel

Brother Yoav B. N. Gavriel

Sister Yokeved E A. Tsadoke

Sister Zakhah E. C. Hecumliel

Sister Zvenah E. S. Elyashuv


To the Ministry of Divine Health headed by Dr Yehoshua Ben Yehuda.

To the Divine Ministry of  Information headed by Sar Elyashuv.


To our incredible, amazing, tireless, hardworking Video Production Crew:

Sar Yatsiliel B. N. Immanuel

Ben Hallahliel B. Hallahliel


Website Design and Technical Setup courtesy of Success Angel.

Instrumental Music courtesy of Sister Ahdaiyah.


And to all those who served in various ways. Todah! Todah! (Thank You!)