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Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be dry, tasteless or boring.
For over 20 years, I have been helping busy folks like you ;0) create healthy lifestyle habits that will help you grow and prosper. I have been teaching (and learning) all around the world that living a vegan lifestyle can be healthy, delicious and fun!
Here’s my story…


I grew up in Maryland, in a typical African American family. I became vegan at 16 after watching my grandmother die of cancer.
Our family’s diet was considered “healthy” according to American dietary standards, but it wasn’t healthy enough to save us from heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes or any of the other diseases that plagued my family.
My parents were born in the South; raised on farms, and adopted the diet from slavery. In fact, my mom remembers her great grandmother who was born into slavery.
I remember my first introduction to chitlins (hog’s intestines). I remember walking home from elementary school and smelling something horrible coming at me down the street. Shocked that the smell came from my house, I stormed up the steps, angry because my house was filled with people- including my relatives visiting from North Carolina- yet no one had investigated the broken toilet. To my horror, I discovered that the foul aroma did not come from the bathroom, it came from the kitchen.
As the child of two working parents, I frequently ate t.v. dinners, microwave meals, and processed foods. On Fridays, my mother did not cook, so either my father fried fish or we ate at fast food restaurants. I loved to eat and some of my favorite foods included pre-packaged macaroni and cheese, chicken liver, barbecued ribs, popcorn, cake and pizza. I ate white sugar like I drank water. I lived for junk food.
Consequently, I often experienced illnesses as a child. I had colds all of the time, emotional imbalances, infections and eczema. My vision began blurring as a teenager, but I refused to wear glasses because I was more self-conscious about how I looked than if I could see.
At the age of 16, my life changed. I watched my grandmother die of cancer. And my grandfather (her loving husband of 59 years) died a few months later of a broken heart. It was the first time that anyone I was close to passed away. I searched for answers. I asked my family, “How did Grandmommy get cancer?” And they answered, “She just got it.”
I absolutely refused to believe that a God who could make the sun, the ocean, and the stars allowed people to “just get” horrible diseases with no cause and no cure.
One day the answer came. A young preacher named Reverend Ernest Tuck spoke to my church youth group about the connection between diet, health, and spirituality. I stopped eating all meat that day and began to study my African history before slavery in the Americas.


My mother told me that I would have to make my own meals because she didn’t know what to feed me. Neither she nor anyone we knew, could make vegetarian food. For my school lunch, I would pack sandwiches of lettuce, sandwich spread, and cheese; a piece of fruit and some form of junk food (I reasoned that there was no meat in cake).
In my zealousness, I failed to educate myself on how to properly feed myself, so I soon became very malnourished. I literally did not have the strength to stand or hold my head up.
My teachers were really concerned and told me that I should at least go back to eating chicken and fish until I learn how to balance my diet. I very reluctantly ate some when I felt weak. When I went to college the following year, I met other vegetarians who taught me how to properly cook and eat.


My first introduction to the raw vegan food lifestyle occurred at 19 years old while I was working in New York one summer at the World Trade Center. An independent radio station announced a weekend raw food retreat at a scenic resort in the mountains near Woodstock. It was just what I needed because my soul suffocated from the smog and lifelessness of that concrete jungle. Being an adventurous person, I got the information, jumped on a bus and headed on my way.
Upon arrival, that’s when I saw him- the most beautiful brother I had ever seen in my life. He looked like he had stepped out of the sky. Of course, his live-in girlfriend who was with him felt the same way, but I realized that if this diet and lifestyle could help people look like that, I was all for it. The retreat was incredible, but unfortunately, the food did not taste very good. I did, however, understand the spirit of what the healers were trying to communicate. Living a holistic life is life. And it stuck with me.
After the retreat, I began to live a holistic “spiritual” life. I continued as a vegetarian, exercised more frequently, did yoga, had my first colema (colon irrigation), and attended classes with different African-centered organizations.
In my 20s, I found the Village of Peace in Dimona, Israel – the world’s largest vegan community. I was amazed at the health vibrancy I witnessed. (See photos below.)
I learned that medical researchers from America’s top universities have studied the health of Community members and discovered that they were able to virtually eradicate high blood pressure and other top 10 killers of African Americans living in the U.S.
After learning of this amazing discovery, I wondered, “why don’t many people know about this information?”
And better yet, “how could I get this information out to the rest of the world?”
These questions inspired me to write The Joy of Living Live: Raw Food Journey . This book features over 100 international recipes and interviews with top health experts Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dick Gregory, Annette Larkins (The Ageless Woman), Aris LaTham and more. The Joy of Living Live has sold thousands of copies world-wide and has found it’s way into the hands of celebrities such as Madonna, Billy Ocean & Erykah Badu.


Today, at 40 years young with 3 vegan children, my diet is much better and in constant elevation. My vision is perfect, it is extremely rare when I get sick, and all of the ailments I suffered from as a child are gone. I am 100% vegan and find that this works best for my health. You have to discover what works best for your health. The Soul Vegan Summit exists to for this reason. To bring the wisdom and knowledge of the world’s top health experts to the comfort of your own home. We show you in a fun and easy way how to prepare healthy meals and take care of your body like you take care of  your business.
The best thing about what I do is the results that I get for my clients. Here is a sample of what they have been able to achieve:
  • A busy mom was able to easily prepare healthy vegan meals for her 6 children.
  • A corporate executive was able to lose weight and gain the confidence to attract the man of her dreams.
  • A visually impaired man was able to see signs of eyesight improvement.
  • A grandmother was able to clear up 40 years of sinus trouble within days.
  • A cancer patient created a health strategy to fight the disease and greatly improve his health.
My prayer for you is that a healthy vegan lifestyle will bring joy to your life and help you to work in your purpose.
Sister Zakhah

The Journey in Pictures

50-year olds looking like they were in their 20s.
70-year olds looking like they are 40. This sister is 69 and she shares one of her secret recipes.

An almost 90 (age 88) year young award-winning marathon runner from the Village of Peace.
JoyLivingLivebkcvr The Joy of Living Live: Raw Food Journey has over 100 easy, delicious, & healthy recipes and features interviews with top health experts Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dick Gregory, Annette Larkins (The Ageless Woman), Aris LaTham and more. (Note: Village of Peace community members are not raw foodists, but we are 100% vegan with raw food playing a major role in our excellent health.)
Interviewing some of the world’s top experts on health food and nutrition like Dr. Llaila Afrika, Aris Latham, David Wolfe, Dick Gregory, Paul Nison and more.

Hanging out with Erykah Badu at the Village of Peace’s vegan restaurant in Israel.
Partying with Lisa Nichols (from The Secret movie) and Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley.
Leading a group dance at an Awesomenessfest party in Bali, Indonesia.
Teaching a tofu making workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

Zakhah’s Short Biography

Zakhah helps busy entrepreneurs and professionals create healthy lifestyle habits that will help you grow and prosper along with your business. She shows you that living a healthy lifestyle is flavorful, fun & easy through health coaching and cooking classes. Zakhah is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book The Joy of Living Live: A Raw Food Journey. This book features over 100 recipes and interviews with top health experts Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dick Gregory, Annette Larkins (The Ageless Woman), Aris LaTham and more. Zakhah founded Soul Vegan Summit to bring together some of the world’s top health experts to share simple, easy, life-saving wisdom. In addition to health coaching, Zakhah has used her Business Finance degree from Howard University and life experience to help clients make up to $1 million in their businesses. Zakhah is the mother of 3 handsome, intelligent and amazing sons.
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