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If you are not satisfied with your Soul Vegan Summit membership for any reason after 30 days, just take a photo of one of the Soul Vegan Summit recipes that you prepared, email it to us and we will refund you. No questions asked.

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I found these videos most useful and entertaining. First the health implications are enormous for mind, body, and soul. Second, they offer a common sense way to cook and maintain a vegan diet while pleasuring your taste buds. Everyone should watch, whether vegan or not, there is something to learn.

Douglas B. Lawrence, Ph.D.

I really enjoyed your vegan summit videos. They were refreshing, creative, and informative. If one is interested in vegan cooking, these videos are helpful in starting the novice on their way! Good job all around.

Ruth James-Daniel, B.Sc., M.HS., Clinical Researcher/Global Health Educator, San Diego, CA

The Soul Vegan Summit was wonderful. Through viewing the videos I learned some great cooking techniques and healthier ways to prepare meals. I prepared most of the recipes and they were delicious. This will definitely help my family and me to transition to a vegan diet and to improve our health.

Antionette M., Charleston, SC

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