“I found these videos most useful and entertaining. First the health implications are enormous for mind, body, and soul. Second, they offer a common sense way to cook and maintain a vegan diet while pleasuring your taste buds. Everyone should watch, whether vegan or not, there is something to learn.”

Douglas B. Lawrence, Ph.D.

“I made 22 dishes for a family of six in 22 days. Each has his/her own favorite.  They were simple to follow for my knowledge base.”


“The Soul Vegan Summit has some of the most delicious, healthiest, and easiest recipes; I loved the Sliceable Cashew Cheese recipe.”

A. I., New York, NY

“I really enjoyed your vegan summit videos. They were refreshing, creative, and informative. If one is interested in vegan cooking, these videos are helpful in starting the novice on their way! Good job all around.”

Ruth James-Daniel, B.Sc., M.HS., Clinical Researcher/Global Health Educator, San Diego, CA

"The Soul Vegan Summit was wonderful. Through viewing the videos I learned some great cooking techniques and healthier ways to prepare meals. I prepared most of the recipes and they were delicious. This will definitely help my family and me to transition to a vegan diet and to improve our health."

Antionette M., Charleston, SC

“The Soul Vegan Summit helped to take my cooking skills up a notch. The videos were very informative. There were a lot of tips that I could use in my everyday cooking. Thank you so much for sharing this wealth of knowledge!”

   M. Lee, Kalamazoo, MI

“Thank you for the time and energy that went into the planning of the wonderful summit. I learned some new tips and can't wait to share some of these wonderful recipes with my wellness clients.   Continue to Live Out Victories Everyday (LOVE).”

     Olga, Wellness Coach, Willingboro, NJ

“I am so grateful for the cooking videos. The recipes helped me make better choices in what and how I made my food. Although I am a vegetarian, I resorted to processed food like boxed veggie burgers. One of the videos showed me how to make my own vegan burger using vegetables. It has helped me a lot. Thanks.”

 Soul Vegan Summit Subscriber

"The Soul Vegan Summit was a right on time blessing for my family. After being off the vegan diet for the past 5 years I have struggled to get back on track. The summit gave me new inspiration and encouragement to return back to my vegan roots. Many blessings!"

Erin J., Stay at Home Mom

“I think this was a great display of healthy food preparation with “Soul”. I learned to prepare many new dishes. And I love that you integrated the “daily supplements” needed and “this is not what you eat daily.” It provided a variety of cooked and raw dishes and gave basic nutrition and health facts. Thanks.”

 P.F., Dentist, St. Louis MO

“Soul Vegan Summit recipes have really opened my eyes to a vegan lifestyle and the difference variety of foods available.”

 TaNeisha, Pharmacy Technician, Chicago, IL

"The Soul Vegan Summit was the bomb. I really appreciate all of the wonderful material that was taught.   It has made me a better food preparer both raw and cooked."

Elijah M., Attorney, Chicago, IL

"The summit was amazing. I cook vegan meals all the time and I got GREAT ideas. I found myself wanting to watch the videos before going to work."

J.S., Falls Church, VA

"As a wife, mother and home school teacher who prepares almost everything at home and from scratch and who is passing on these skills to the children the summit was a welcome intrusion into the daily routine. The entire family watch with excitement each day. We still have fun making different types of sliceable cheeses. Keep it up!"

Soul Vegan Summit subscriber

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Soul Vegan Summit. When people pull together great things can be accomplished, not just for yourself, but for your whole community. When you are willing to share, expect to be blessed."

M. DeShields, Teacher, Bermuda